Server 0.60.4 "Stop" command does not turn off heaters

I recently upgraded to 0.60.4 and noticed when I issued the stop print command from the webpage interface or from Repetier host software (using remote server configuration) the print stops progressing (as expected) but does not turn off the extruder heater (I don't know if the print bed heater turns off or not since my setup does not have a bed heater).  I did not check if the motors are powered off, but I'm more concerned with burning my house down (extruder was on for 4 hours without a print job running :-( )  

As a side note, it would also be good to home X and Y when the job is stopped so I can more easily remove the print (without "manual control").  This would more mimic the "kill print" command from Repetier Host.

Printrbot Metal - Marlin firmware
Raspberry Pi 2 Repetier Server


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    yes, the stop button does not set the hotend and beds temperature to 0. 

    both stay heated until you deactive/activate the printer or switch them off by hand via the interface.

  • In printer settings is a stop/kill script. So if you want heaters diabled you need to add the commands there. You could also move to a convenient position there,
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