Nozzle keeps clogging after uprading to Repetier Host V1.5.3

I updated my Repetier Host to V1.5.3 a week ago. Since then I have encountered a lot of clogged nozzle. At first I though it was because some dirt in the nozzle but I cleaned it several times. Then I disassembled the entire extruder twice and clean everything thoroughly. Still the nozzle clogged.
Then I remembered I upgraded Repetier Host. I tried to print the same object with Cura and immediately I had a successfull print! I tried to print with Repetier again and the nozzle got clogged again. 
There must be a bug in the new version!

I always generate GCode with Cura but print with Repetier Host. So I think Repetier alters the G-Code somehow in the new version.


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