Inner gap across the perimeter

Hello everybody, Im having a lot of problems because there is a gap in
the pieces, it seems to be par of the slicing procedure, I hope you can
give some tip to solve this.


  • Not sur ewhat you mean and image is too small. Could it be a retraction problem that it retracts more then extrudes back in reality, so it starts later with printing? Try slower retraction speeds or add filament after retraction which is a slicer parameter.
  • Here is another image, it seems to be part of the g-code bease is imagerepetitive.
  • Black item is not sharp enough and red one looks good. Can't see any gaps.
  • The gap its from the botton to the top, in 2 sides of the pieces next im gonna upload more image to show you, thanks in advance for you help.
  • Ok, now I understand your question. I was always thinking of other type of gap. This one looks like it comes from your slicer or if it is always in the same direction where you get it, it could also be a big backlash problem with that axis. From the size of error I think it is more backlash then slicer. But you can check the slicer output in preview and see if the lines are even spaced there. Or check how much play you have in your printer. Maybe a pulley is not fixed well.
  • Thank you for your help, I have checked the backlash and fix it, but i have yet the problem, how can i check the slicer output?
    Or another alternative to solve it?
    Thanks in advance

  • Ok, gaps looks now more evenly, but seem to get not enough filament. Have you calibrated filament extrusion steps per mm in firmware? If you have more steps per mm, it will output more filament closing the gaps more.

    For gcode check, use the preview tab of the host. There you can watch also layer by layer and see if lines are spaced evenly. If it is the case you need more extrusion to fill the gaps.
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