Printer stops heating and print continues

I installed repetier-server for the first time yesterday on Raspberry Pi 3B+

I started a long print before going to bed. This morning, I find the print is cold and still printing. I can't see when this happened in the log, the temp graph shows it at room temperature, but it seems like it had been printing cold for as long as it had actually printed. I have a dozen or so printed layer, then it stop extruding but continued printing for some reason. What is happening here?


  • This printer has been printing reliably for over a year with octoprint. I just rebooted to octoprint and the same print finished without issues. What is happening to override even thermal protection during the print?
  • Server has no function to filter extrusion or disable temperature automatically. So if you did not disable temperature manually ...
    Anyway, hard to say without a log of the print. You need to enable logging then it would be quite easy to find where it happened and maybe even see why - firmware getting a decoupled or a command causing it. Any discussion without that information would be fruitless.
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