Repetier-Server Monitor: Remember last used group

When using the app view of a printer, the group is always reset to "Default".

Can it be made to where it remembers the last selected group?  The external browser view already does this.




  • Good point. Maybe even add a storage for other settings like last tab as well. Have it put on my todo.
  • Thanks!

    I've also noticed in the G-Codes view, there is no way to sort on the small and large tiles views.  When using a browser, I could switch to one of the list views and sort by last uploaded and then switch to the large tile view and the sorting would stick.
  • Monitor uses a table view that does the sorting internally while normal gui does it based on a variable. Will see if I can get that stores as well so it survives changes and can be used in tile view as well.
  • I want add that Repetier-Server Monitor dont save sorting settings. I need everytime sort by upload date.
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