Please please add SD card support...

Allowing us to print from the machines' SD cards would be so useful. Will this ever happen?


  • Not sure if. Printing over sd card bypasses information flow so you can not trust shown values like fan or position any more. Also printing time prediction becomes unavailable. Maximum possible is percent and prediction on passed time, which is completely different. These are the reasons we omitted sd card print.
  • I feel like it would be relatively easy to implement, and could come with a disclaimer popup that tracking and timing would not be accurate (much like printing larger than the defined bed size).

    Pretty please? I'd pay extra for this feature alone.
  • Starting a sd print is easy so much is true. Making all our products and interfaces aware of this mod takes a lot of time I think. Guess one day it will come, but can not say when that day is.
  • May I then request a mode with limited functionality that enables SD printing?

    Even if most of the features of RS are not available at first, this is such an important feature request for some printer farm operators like me.
  • I also think this is a great idea. Occasionally I get communication errors on my usb on through repetier server (cura, s3d, and octoprint all control it fine but not until I reboot repetier server will it work again

    Having an option like sd print is a temporary way I can prnt
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    I'll pay extra for it! :wink:
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