RepServer 0.91.2 shows strange symbols after upgrading



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    I had the same problem so I executed commands suggested by Repetier. It helped and icons went to normal again. At least for an hour and then touchscreen turned black. I have tried multiple restarts and complete reinstall of Repetier server but screen now does not turn on even for a short blink.
    So I tested my touchscreen with PC and it works completely fine. Also Repetier server works fine when regular monitor is connected. 
    It seems touchscreen driver is not working anymore, but I have no idea what to do next. I have this model Waveshare 7inch_HDMI_LCD_(B) and Raspberry Pi3.
    I'll be glad for any advice. 
  • Guess you did not see my comment 4 minutes ago:-)

    Did you upgrade to stretch? Then you might have to reinstall touchscreen driver so it reacts to touches just like you did the first time. 
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    Yes I was talking about previous comments. I did this:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade 
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    So I guess this was the upgrade to stretch, right? 
    Is there any guide or link how to reinstall touchscreen driver? To be honest I am quite lost, Repetier Server is my first expirience with Raspberry. I was quite happy I managed to do the previous step.
  • No I think you are still on jessie.

    lsb_release -a

    will show you the os.

    I would follow the instructions here

    Don't have the screen so can only refer to the original documentation. I think you have installed it already once so just repeat to make sure settings are active again. I guess that updating overwrote one of the configs you modified to get it working.

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    Just checked, I am on Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.8 (stretch). But I'am sure it was jessie before.
    I read Waveshare manual and edited config.txt as it is described there. I did the same thing as when I was installing Repetier Server for the first time. And just to remind, it was working for an hour - touchscreen was ok, icons looked normal again only 3D preview of gcodes were still missing. But then I found touchscreen turned off even though it is working fine when connected to PC.
    Also it appears that keyboard and mouse is also not working with Raspberry now. So it looks like touchscreen is not working because maybe USBs are dead. 
    Can I somehow rollback to jessie and make only the patch you suggested later here  ? Or some new installation of Repetier server? 
  • Maybe easiest way would be to start with our V14 image and make the adjustments. That has all fixes stretch may require included already. See in our faq for how to copy your data/settings to a new image.
  • Ok, so problem solved. I am probably the most unlucky person in the world but it looks like USBs burnout just few moments after I managed to fix the software issue. Everything was working fine for a year and half and then suddenly software bug followed by hardware damage, this was unexpected. Anyways, USB fixed by soldering one jumper wire and now it is working again. 
    Thank you for help. 
  • Hallo,
    keine Ahnung ob das das Problem sein könnte. Ist nach dem Befehl sudo apt-get upgrade aufgetreten. Vielleicht können die Profis etwas damit anfangen

  • I think it can be ignored. Looks like it is the library directly instead of link to the library.

    If gui does not start run
    sudo rasp-config
    and select boot option commandsline with autologin. Updating often breaks the setting.
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