3D Printer Printing Gaps in Between Layers

I managed to print a small disk object yesterday and it printed smoothly, but not 100%. Today this is what's happening. Not sure why is it printing like this but I will appreciate it if you could help me. I don't know a lot about 3D Printing and the software I'm using is Repetier Host.


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    did you calibrate the steps/mm  for your extruder?
    is object height correct ?
  • I managed to fix the issue by changing the thickness. The problem I have sometimes is that the first layer doesn't stick and the nozzle cuts through it.
  • The model shows clear signs of underextrusion like RAyWB said. Sifferent layer height will only hide the effect to some extend. Give it 30% more extrusion it it will also look better, but in the end you must calibrate extruder for best quality.
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