Stupid easy. and super useful feature request

I'd like a simple note-taking area, doesn't even have to be rich text, that allows me to log when I perform a service / maintenance to the printer. PLEASE include this; it would be so useful for those of us running more than 10 machines.


  • I have put it in the todo as it might in deed be a nice thing, but if I do it I would make it a bit more technical including online hours and meter printed/moved maybe. That way you can also plan future maintenance. But you need to know that it is not highest priority in my todo list. The next big thinks are already scheduled.

    As a intermediate solution since you mention rich text, that is already included in form of projects. So go to projects, maybe make one master server that has a reliable hard disk, and create a maintenence folder. Add for each printer a new project with printer name and just use the description field as log. Then you have one place where logs are stored and can read/write them in server frontend.
  • Thanks, I'll look at that as a workaround for now. Glad it's on your radar-- maybe it would be possible to start with a bit more humble a version of this feature, and then expand the functionality later? Just a thought. Thanks for being so responsive.
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