Cura 3.6.0

Having set up Repetier host and server on the Pi I find I cannot slice with Cura 3.6.0!

Best I can do is to run Cura from within F360, slice, save gcode to disk and then load the file to Repetier Host for printing.

Am I missing something?  Is this likely to change in the near future?


  • That is right. Cura is a standalone software not integrated in host. We have a older CuraEngine integrated instead. Latest CuraEngine is not compatible any more. Also it is planned to integrate new format there is no fixed time when this will happen.
  • OK, I can see how complete integration would be quite tricky. 

    However, from a user's perspective, it would be quite sufficient if F360 (or other design tool) could launch Repetier host with the .stl output.  Repetier host would in turn launch Cura with the .stl file.  When user finishes the Cura save would be captured by Repetier.  i..e. passing the files between the apps without actual integration.

    No big deal, works fine now, just a nice to have.
  • You can open repetier-host with stl as parameter and would exactly do that. You can also associate stl files with repetier-host so double click on stl file opens it in host (preferences in host). All you need to do is convince F360 to open stl with it. I have no F360 subscription so can not say much about the possible solution in this software.
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