Raspi WIFI not connecting to home network

Raspi 3B+ has SD card with latest server.  It shows under Wireless Internet Connections as RepetierServer.

I can connect and go to the access point at and see dashboard.  From WLAN tab I can see my home router and can select it and enter password, save and connect.  

The connection to access point is dropped but server does not show in the router's list of connected devices.  It then reappears as the access point.

I tried power off and both PSK and PSK2 for security.  Router is setup:

Security mode:  WPA-Personal
Auth Mode: Auto (WPA PSK or WPA PSK2)
Encrypt Mode: AES

Must be something really dumb but I don't see it.  Thanks  


  • It might also happen if you need more time to refresh state then me. If you can connect to ethernet cable and login over that and then run:
    sudo service RepetierServer stop
    sudo /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/bin/manageWifiAccess connectPW "yourssid" "yourpassword"

    now see if wlan connects if command returns OK.

    after that start server again
    sudo service RepetierServer start

    that time you give your network all the time it needs for first connect. Have modified it for next update a bit. Anyhow if it works it should automatically reconnect form now on after reboot.

  • Perfect Thanks
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