Crashing before starting.

Good Day, 
I am having trouble starting repetierHost from the terminal and when clicking the desktop link. It has worked fine for me in the past and just appears to have stopped working for no reason. 
I am running linux mint debian Edition 64 bit. 

I have tried but I am not able to make sense of the error message. 
Here is the error message. 


  • I uninstalled monodevelop and reinstalled it and that seemed to fix the problem. Repetier Host still crashes from time to time for no apparent reason. 
  • Check the other linux crashes threads here in forum for more details.

    There is a incompatibility/bug introduced in kernels after 3.13.0-46 that causes multithreaded mono apps to crash. So safest way is to use the old kernel which you had before updating. It seems Mono 4.x works also more stable now but does not fix th eproblem on kernel side completely.
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