How do I fix my printer's extrusion quality

I don't know if I have to change the extrusion or the print velocity or even the temperature but I have to fix the following problem:
Can anyone help me?
The grey ones are in PLA and the others are in ABS.


  • You have not enough extrusion. Possible reasons:
    - Extruder resolution (steps per mm) is too low.
    - Flow multiplier not at 100% (higher would cause more extrusion)
    - Printing too fast. Try 30mm/s that is something every extruder should be able to do.
    - Temperature too low preventing extrusion at required speed.

  • I calculated the resolution, but it might be it, I'm going to recalculate.
    Flow is at 100%, I'm printing at 40mm/s at 210 ºC with PLA and 250 with ABS.
    Gonna make the changes, thank you.
  • At least for the PLA this sounds like wrong steps per mm. Note that with Repetier-Firmware you can change the steps per mm in eeprom. No recompilation required and it would not work anyway as firmware will use the latest settings in eeprom after update unless you tell him to override them.
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    It's the wrong steps per mm of what? the axis motor or the extruder? I used the Repetier-Firmware configuration tool to configure my firmware. Do I have to change it and send it again to my board?
    The PLA and the ABS looks like the same problem.. does the steps/mm change for each one of them?
  • Steps per mm of the extruder. Just activate eeprom editor in host or server and you can change the value without recompiling. Normally you calibrate this by measuring a manual 100mm move. Make a mark on filament and measure distance to entry point. Extruder 100mm and measure against to get real used filament. Change steps
    newStepsPerMM = oldStepsPerMM*100/measuredDistance

    Use slow extrusion for testing e.g.
    G92 E0
    G1 E100 F60

    to make sure extruder is not blocking.
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