Support Material Offset with Dual Extruder


I have just recently upgraded my printer with a second extruder head. I am trying to configure RH and Slic3r to print the object with extruder 1 (shown in blue) and the support material with extruder 2 (shown in yellow). When I do so, the support material is shown as being diagonally offset from the part. My extruder set up is: x-offset 34mm, y-offset 0mm. Strangely enough, when i slice the part centered on the bed, the result has the support material (yellow) at the center, and the part (blue) offset diagonally. What could be causing this offset and how could I resolve the issue?



  • Typically you have 3 places to define offsets. The best solution is to define it in firmware and have slicer and host set it to 0.

    Since you see it in host with offset you have set it in slicer and/or host. Set both to 0 in that case and it should preview correctly.

    If support is a separate stl model, you need to combine them in teh editor by dragging in right side the one on the other so they build a group. Then it should also look good in host and slic3r will not separate them.
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