USB/Com connection more flaky on windows7 then on mac?


I am new here and building a Big delta printer (build area 600mm x 1000mm) I have a megatronics 2.0 arduino and use repetier host as the software. I tried repetier host with windows 7 (quad core 3Ghz, 8GB memory and ssd, the planned pc for the printer) and with my macbook air. Both computers should be fast enough, but when i connect the printer with my windows pc, there is a noticeable delay when i give commands in manual mode, this is not the fact with the macbook air. Any suggestions? 



  • Depending on serial driver there is a delay, but I doubt you would notice the difference between 16ms and 2ms on a single command. You can adjust the delays in windows hardware settings when printer is connected.

    Except that, the mac version is a completely different software reprogrammed with windows version in mind. So there might also be different timings, also in real world printing there is no difference in speed.
  • Found the problem, 

    The usbcable to the windows PC was longer (2m) then the cable to the mac (1m)
    The delay with the windows PC was almost gone after replacing the long usb-cable with the shorter one.
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