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There is a possibility to create a button\option in Repeiter-Host pause on the necessary layer and shift the printhead to "0" (e.g. X-axis) to change plastic? This option is often necessary to print color products on the printer with one printhead. At the moment you need to be aware of print layers, and in such cases it is likely to miss the desired layer.
 Thanks in advance.


  • We have. Just add
    ;@pause Change filament

    where you want it. Open g-code editor. At the bottom you can select a layer number and hit the button left to it and it will jump to the right place in gcode. In gcode you see then the real Z. Also note the color change of the line numbers on layer change. That way it is easy to find right position.
  • I'm using Repetier Host V2.0.1, and the @pause command doesn't seem to work now.  It used to work on earlier versions of Repetier.  Did it get dropped from the latest version?

    By the way, the syntax above looks wrong or has changed.  In previous versions, I did not have a semicolon at the beginning of the line.  Also, it was not necessary to have a space or a comment after the command.  The entire line I used was simply


    and nothing more.

    In the problem today, I was trying to use the command because I discovered that I needed to start up a new spool of filament as the one I was using was running out.  I used the Editor to move ahead 3 or 4 layers from the current position and added the @pause, but the printer never stopped.  I tried several times.  (Printer is a Printrbot Plus, connected to my computer via USB).
  • For all host commands you ca write

    No spaces at the beginning!

    With ; it causes no error if you use it to print over sd or other non repetier software, also these will all ignore it.

    We did not remove pause in 2.0.5 (lastest version).
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    OK, I see it works if the G-code has the @pause in place BEFORE starting the print.
    What I was trying to do - and wish it would work - is to insert a @pause command on the fly DURING a print.  Why won't that work?  Does Repetier parse the entire file into some binary code when it starts printing, and then ignore any subsequent edits to the text?
  • I see. Starting the print copies the gcode so you can change in editor. But this is not the file you print any more. So there is no way to do this after startig print. All you then can do is hit the pause button manually.
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