Remove Filament

I love the way I can set the fast and slow feed distances for inserting new filament.  

However, I do not see a similar option for Remove Filament.  Is it possible to either have the Remove Filament option use the same user set distances, but in reverse, i.e. slow rate first followed by fast, or to have separate input options for the remove filament option?



  • Removing always uses fast speed. That always works. For retracting you also du it fast. Only while inserting it will block once you try to push unmolten plastic through nozzle, hence the slow speed in that direction.
  • Sure but any chance of setting a remove distance. With a long Bowden tube it takes a lot of 10mm presses to extract when unable to manually release extruder gear. 

  • Host has extruder moves up to 100mm. Longer moves often get rejected by firmware as wrong for protection if you forget to reset extrusion position.
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    But I'm using Server on each machine.  My Load filament is set to 450mm fast and 60mm slow.  I would just like to automate the remove filament, from the screen, as much as possible as after all is that not one of the benefits of using software like this.  

    Could you please inform me which file I would need to edit to change the extrude length and text on the button?  I am able to edit in Arduino IDE and recompile so can look at achieving this myself.  Thanks.
  • You posten in host forum, not in server forum so I assumed you use the host.

    In server for filament change you can write scripts to run for insert and remove filament in addition. This gets run when you select remove/insert so just write your favourite sequence there.
  • My apologies.  I will go take a look.  Please then close this thread.  Thank you.
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