5 commands waiting... but it connects to my laptop?

Ok so, this is my first 3d printer and a bought a kit so I can build it. Everything went great and now I get the printer plugged into laptop and run repetier. I can hit connect and when I unplug the usb it says disconnected so I know it is connecting but the whole time it is plugged in it says 5 commands waiting. What should i do ?


  • I have tried Cura and repetier neither work right now.
    i have dowloaded a driver too for it to recognize when its plug in.

  • Is your baud rate correct? When you connect does the log window scroll and give some info as it connects?
  •   12:53:50 PM: Connection opened
      12:54:53 PM: Communication timeout - reset send buffer block
      12:55:04 PM: Connection closed
      12:55:06 PM: Attempting to connect to printer
      12:55:06 PM: Connection opened
      12:56:17 PM: Connection closed
      12:56:36 PM: Attempting to connect to printer
      12:56:36 PM: Connection opened
      1:13:28 PM: Send emergency stop to printer. You may need to reset the printer for a restart!
      1:18:18 PM: Connection closed
      1:19:20 PM: Attempting to connect to printer
      1:19:20 PM: Connection opened
      1:19:25 PM: Connection closed
      1:31:43 PM: Attempting to connect to printer
      1:31:43 PM: Couldn't open port for device wchusbserial1410

  • thats what the log says

  • While it opens a serial connection it does not see any communication from firmware. You have either baud rate or port selected wrong or your printer has no firmware installed yet. Often kits come without firmware and you have to install it yourself.
  • how would i instal it to the printer?

  • ok i now have the firmware on my printer. everything works but when i hit print it goes to home and then goes down like motors bringing it down and it doesn't stop when it gets close it just smashes into it and the temp won't go higher than 105c
  • ok i got this issue fixed thanks for everything
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