Add M600 - Filament Change to notifications

Since part of the reason that Informer was developed was to prevent sitting around the printer waiting, wouldn't it be great if Informer would tell us that the printer has stopped and is ready for the filament to be changed?  Not sure why this has not already been implemented since it seems like a basic need?  Hopefully this can be added easily and quickly!!!  Thank you!


  • What software are you using? Informer only receives signals but host has to send. I thought in latest Repetier-host this was already implemented for repetier-firmware.

    What exactly does your firmware (which) send when filamentchange is needed?
  • I'm using Repetier Host ver 2.0.5 , Marlin Firmware (it's way old though ver 022)  - perhaps that's my problem??? When the Filament monitor sees a fault condition, it enques a M600 command.  Enque is OK I guess but, it's slow/not immediate because the command is 'que-ed' and has to wait

    Anyway... Repetier sees the M600  command and responds however,  Informer does NOT send a pause push message because the pause was not generated via G-Code as an @pause but rather via the Firmware generated Enque-ed M600 command.  Therefore I do not receive any notification that my printer is sitting, waiting for me to change the filament.  

    This seems like something easy to fix but how???  Thanks in advance for your reply!!!
  • It is already included. Firmware must send

    enqueueing "M600"

    which current marlin does


    in informer settings in host you must activate to inform on fatal errors.

  • Hmmmm I'm not sure I understand.  Could you please clarify?

    First, I do have the Informer set to activate on fatal errors. In my opinion, M600 is NOT technically a fatal error and it's kinda wonky that you guys decided to group it in that category.  NOT throwing shade on you guys, just making an observation. 

    Second, currently my 022 version does Enque the M600 command and the M600 is executed as written in my FILAMENT CHANGE FEATURE script in the Config.h tab.  However, Repetier does not seem to see an enque-ed M600 since it is generated internally via a direct discrete pin change from the sensor into the ramps into the Arduino. 

    So, are you saying that if i update to a newer version of the firmware that Repetier will somehow be able to recognize the M600 and have informer send a notification?

    Just to test this theory, I uploaded a new version(s) of firmware to my Arduino MEGA 2560. I say versions PLURAL because this too is very confusing to me.  I am using Arduino 1.6.10 but my LCD display says MARLIN 1.1  so... which is it (That could be a whole other thread right there I guess).... anyway....  after uploading this new firmware I opened Repetier, Homed all my axis, jogged my machine around to verify functionality.  The on the MDI line entered M600.  The machine executed the M600 command flawlessly however Repetier/Informer did NOT send a push message to my phone. This was a little disappointing as I really was hoping that it would work.

    Am I doing something wrong? If so... what?  

    I know it's probably a lot of work for you guys to modifiy Informer/Repetier but, how about just adding another check box to the Preferences Push messages dialog for M600 and figuring out a way for Repetier to scan Arduino for M600 requests?  In my opinion having a relatively easy way to get Repetier to push a message to a user regarding a filament issue is a very necessary and important feature to have.

    And when i say "relatively easy", let me clarify just a little bit ok?  I got my 3D printer to design and create parts- I'm just a simple designer/Operator who wants to run his printer and make parts NOT spending my time to become an expert at sifting through lines and lines of C code to get this machine to do what I want.   Am I being unrealistic?

    Thanks in advance for your reply and any help/advice and/or prayers you can offer :-)

  • What I mean is the the firmware must send
    enqueueing "M600"

    as a response to out of filament sensor being triggered. Only if that gets send by firmware host can detect that it happened. And then if the "fatal error" checkbox is enabled it will also use informer to send a message. Fatal is everything that prevents print, so no filament is a fatal error. And having no "Out of filament" selector we used that. It#s the only thing fitting except maybe paused, but that was meant for planned pauses.
  • Ah, OK.  Thank you
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