Current G-Code listing

I , and others I think, would benefit from a searchable listing of active G-codes that is kept up to date as they are added or modified.  The RepRap G-code Wiki ( ) is a pretty good model but is difficult for practical use as it is not specific to Repetier.  Codes are added from time to time ( example the recent addition of G2/G3 ) and could be easily missed by a user.  


  • Repetier.ino contains a full list of implemented gcodes with short description. We also try to add new codes to reprap wiki so there is a more informative version. At one time we will have a own website, but writing that takes a lot of time I currently need for development, so that will have to wait a while.
  • And where would one find this Repetier.ino file please?
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    In the downloaded repetier firmware package, after extraction there is a directory called Repetier-Firmware-year-mo-day. It has a Repetier-Firmware subdirectory  that has a subdirectory named Repetier  that has all the files that Arduino IDE uses for the upload to your board. One of these is named Repetier.ino.
    Or you might already have an extracted firmware directory with those files if it came with your printer on some type of media.
  • Awesome!  Thank You!
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