Retained History for Reprints

Can you include the option to re-print from History of items that were not saved to server from Host.

Some times I am not sure I want to save the file to server, so I run a direct print job from host. If possible, would like to see a running history of jobs with the option to reprint those that are not saved to server. Also, would expect that a purge after so many days may need to be implemented for those prints as well.

Hope I explained the request good enough... if not, please let me know so I can try and get my thoughts across correctly.
(I am aware of log files, but that looks to be communication info, not historical print data)


  • We do not keep printed files alive. We have a model storage for g-codes you want to preserve and can use to reprint as often as you wish. Host keeps a copy of last sliced file so you can reupload that if needed and no new gcodes sliced.

    Since we also handle small printers like pi powered computer with not very much storage I think it is a waste to store all files printed even if we remove them after a while. As said the model storage should suffice here.
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    I understand not wanting to waste storage on Pi powered servers, however on an actual PC running Linux (or whatever) where storage is not an issue, then having this option would be beneficial.

    Also, I understand you can re-upload the last sliced file from Host, however its more data to be uploaded again. I realize you all across the pond have way better internet service and speeds. However there are those like myself in the States that run on LTE internet service due to limited availability of high speed data. Also, due to my job, I am unable to always keep the Rep Server on my LAN. So, having an option to not have to upload a file again via WAN would be very beneficial.

    Even having the option to re-print the last print from the server would be a great benefit. Or have the option to save the last print on the server to model storage would work. Yes I know I could save to server on every file, but honestly there are times I just plan on printing the single model with no intentions of doing it again. And then something fails or it turns out I need more than a single print.

    Please reconsider this as an option in some form or another.
  • New version is nearly finished, so will not do that right now. Will think about it.

    Good news for you is next version accepts zipped gcodes as well. That at least reduces data amount over WAN.
  • Yeah, that will help. However how is the zipped gcode going to work? Will Host zip the 'Save to Server' file before sending and then its unzipped on the Server side? Or will we need to save to file, zip and then upload to the server manually? Really hoping its zipped in Host before sending to server.
  • Good point. Currently host does not zip since only next version will be able to handle it. And normally it is on same network so zipping is not really needed then. Will think about it.
  • Thanks for thinking about it. Even though my server and PC are in the same location, I keep them on separate networks due to bandwidth limitations (Living in the country has its drawbacks where technology is concerned). So having it zipped by Host and unzipped by Server would be great.
  • Guten Tag,
    ich fände es auch nützlich wenn man den Aktuellen oder Letzten Druck abspeichern könnte. Wenn man direkt im Repetier-Host auf drucken klickt, ist er nach dem Druck weg, man muss immer drucken und extra speichern. Ab und an Schließt man den Host und denkt sich während dem Druck, das es doch gut gewesen wäre den gcode aufzuheben. 
    Vielen dank
    (sry Chadr619 for german I basicly want the same feature ;) )
  • Thanks for adding that end part... I had no idea what you said. :)
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