Connect Printer via TCP/IP (not from Host, but from Server)

In the server WebGUI , I can only select COM or Virtual Ports. On the other hand, Repetier Host allows a TCP/IP connection. Is it possible to have the server connect to a wirelessly connected printer (eg. via ESP8266). That would make USB cables obsolete....


  • Currently TCP is not supported, but as some point I guess it will come. You can use sokat in linux to create a tcp/serial bridge.

    But be carefull with direct wifi to printer. Wifi to server connected to printer is ok as server starts after it has the complete file. server over wifi to printer means a small wifi interruption can cause connection abort and stop the print, so more likely to fail.
  • Ok, thanks for your advice. I am on Windows, so socat is not an option, but I found an equivalent software solution I might test.
    Are you saying that it is generally bad practice to use TCP connection from host to WiFi Printer (without any server in between). What would be a scenario to use TCP at all?
  • Wired TCP is normally stable enough to be used for printing and can be used to position printer more freely.

    Wifi + Bluetooth to printer will work as long as connection is solid. If I consider the interruptions in my wifi network when listening music etc, I would not count on that in my case. But if yours is stable give it a try. Maybe it just gets some delays every now and then so printer might run out of lines now and then, but otherwise not connect so it would be useable. If even that does not happen you have my congratulations for a very good wifi at home.
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