Pause problem by sending "M25"

Dear Engineer,
I wish to home X and Y after pause,
so in the configuration.h,  #define PAUSE_START_COMMANDS "G28 XY"

I send the command "M25" to the printer, it stoped as usual, but didn't go home, after I send "M24", it back to print again.
Where might be the problem?
Thank you in advance.


  • Wrong syntax maybe
    G28 X0 Y0
    is. Orrect syntax.
  • Thank you for the quick reply, I just tried, #define PAUSE_START_COMMANDS "G28 X0 Y0", still didn't work. 
    I'm wondering if this function is only supported by Repetier Host? Can it be supported by sending comand "M25", or where might by the problem?
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