Raspberry Pi Image and X Windows

I have decided to use Repetier Server as all of my 3D printers are at the end of the office from my computer. As such I want to run my RPi  3 headless and see the main Repetier Server interface via X Windows.

I have tied the general steps on the web for getting XMing and Putty chatting to the RPi, and although I can log in using SSH I cannot connect using XMing.

Are there some additional things I should install on the image. Or would it be best if I use a standard default RPi Debian image and then load Repetier on top of that.

Many thanks for any advice.


  • Why do you want XWindows to run it headless? It is a server and has no output to x windows system. All you need is a webbrowser that calls http://ip:3344 (also for our image you can omit :3344). The pi is not fast enough to also start the x surface and handle a full browser just to show it. That is inherently slow and pi has not enough power for the full frontend.

    Easiest solution is therefore just to copy our pi image and connect ethernet and then setup wifi if required. Next release coming soon will also improve wifi support a lot.
  • Hi.

    Ok.  I have been looking through the system. When I log in on the console I get a display that allows me to control a lot of the system. It is run from openbox and this  url

    However if I then go to an browser and put in the same URL but with the pi box IP's I get a

    For security reasons this page can only be called over localhost IP!
    This is a problem as I will never be running via the console. How do I turn off the permissions to enable external ip
    ..  or just IP's in the local range.
    Many thanks

  • That is not the url you should run on a remote. That url is specially designed for a printer mounted display and gets more right. Also if you have no users that should still show up as well.

    An other way to use this frontend remotely would be to use it over nginx but disable the safety guard in the nginx configuration that prevents this. See https://www.repetier-server.com/webserver-access-repetier-server/ for more informations. This describes how we did it for our image.

    For normal remote you use http://ip:3344
    nothing more.
  • Many thanks. I have decided to use the standard web sire for now.  It seems that everything on the 'screen' is on the website anyway.

    Many thanks for your help :)

  • Exactly. There is no other interface then web.
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