ABS PLA and other filament profiles

If I change to ABS I need to change some settings in cura engine before printing and same if I switch back to PLA. Is there a way to make profile settings?


  • You normally define different filament configurations for each type and select the proper profile. Thats normally enough but you can configure as many profiles as you want for filaments and print settings and switch between them.
  • I made a Cura PLA profile in "slicer manager" but I can't have different bed or hotend temperature in the profiles. Is it even possible?
  • Slicer manage ris to configure different slicers - that is the completely wrong place.

    Select CuraEngine profile and hit configure. Then you can configure as many profiles for that slicer just as I described.
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    Now I found it! There is no label "profile" or "select profile" anywhere and that got me really confused. Everything has a name and a description in repetier but not this option.

    Also.. must i create two ABS profiles, One for print and one for filament?
  • Both together are the config, but normally you only need one print profile and 2 filament profiles - one for pLA one for ABS. In right tab you select for extruder then which filament is loaded.
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