Issues with Dual Extruders

I am having problems with my extruders not swapping when printing something that requires two materials.  I am using Sli3er.  Here is some info on how I am setting up everything:

1 - I am importing 2 STL files made in Solidworks and then I combine them by dragging them together and assigning each the appropriate extruder.
2 - I have my printer settings set at "2" extruders in Sli3er.
3 - Under print settings, multiple extruders in Sli3er I have extruder 1 set for perimeter extruder and extruder 2 set for infill extruder.
3 - I have the same print setting selected in Repetier as the above settings in Sli3er.  
4 - In Object Placement in Repetier each object is assigned its appropriate extruder.  

This is my "Slicer" tab view in Repetier.  I am not sure if I am missing any options.  I have read a few places that have an option to pick dual head or single head mode.  I am using an Inkredible plus Bioprinter and have it selected.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


  • The version of Repetier I am using is V2.0.1 and the version of Sli3er I am using is 1.2.9.
  • Duplicate from slic3r section.
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