Repetier Printer/Printing Settings



I've recently acquired a Tobeca 2 3D printer and I am a new user of the Repetier host software.

One of my friend also use the same printer and software and in the slicer Slic3r tab, he has a lot of choice in the Printing settings, Printer settings and Extruder settings.

In my case, I don't have any Printing, Printer or Extruder settings install by default with the Repetier host software.

Those default modes seem to be interesting to use as a beginner.

We don't know how to install them, is someone as a little idea?



  • Not sure where your frind has them from. Slic3r configs are stored in homedir/AppData/Roaming/Slic3r and you could simply copy them to get them as well.
  • Click files on repetier 1 them take you to the programme its stupid I found this yesterday after a good month searching. Kind of like he says. It took me to some hidden spot I hadnt seen aswell as the files so moved them with the rest. Printer still dont work!
  • Did you get a fix?
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