Issues with proper manual axis control

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I've been using Repetier Server for about two years now and one issue that has been occurring to me is that the manual controls for the axis is acting very weird, especially the Z axis.

I've been trying from time to time to check my settings and invert my Z axis and so on without success.

The problem is that when I try to change position for any axis it can sometimes go right, but when it goes over the set max position it instead of staying at max it goes back to min position + the extra offset.

Worst is with the Z-axis, sometimes it goes up, sometimes down.
The worst happened today when I wanted to lower the Z axis by 10 mm and suddenly the it just went all the way up and ignored the endstop and nearly destroyed the whole mount for the bed, I just had to pull the plug so it wouldn't go any further.

Last week it did the same but the other way around and it ended up in me needed to replace the coupling for the threaded rod and the stepper motor which cracked.

I'm sure I'm just missing some important settings here but I can't figure out what.

I do all my slicing with Repetire Host and Curaengine so the G Codes are all good (manual control in Repetier Host works without any trouble)

My printer is the Velleman K8400 with an added heated bed for better prints

Thanks in advance!


  • Are you using 0.80.3?

    Which control are you using for z moves? The slider or arrows? Which frontend?

    There has been a problem that feedback was to slow so moves acted on stale position. I'm quite sure I improved this in 0.80.3.
  • Hi!

    I'm using the latest version 0.80.3
    The issue occurs on manual control on both the slider and the arrows.

    I saw too that when I stopped something mid print and checked the Z axis position directly on the printers menu and it got on max values of 190 instead of ex. 20 that it should be on.

    So somehow it seems like the position values gets messed up sometimes.

    But I can say though that there is no problems with pausing a print and then move the axis around a bit and resuming the print
  • Server bases position on commands send. Only command that can really confuse it is having home position set wrong. If you have set home pos in server 0 and home to z max then there is a mismatch between what you see and send. Also it removes any offset from G92 so you always see real coordinate.

    I will give that problem some more tests for next release.
  • Ok!

    Any ETA on when a new release will come?
  • No, but I think in may.
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