IP camera recommendation

Hi !

I'm a researcher and I have several printers at my disposal in my research group. I would like to set-up a repetier server to control them.
However, as we have several printers across the room, we can't use USB cameras.

Therefore, could you recommend IP cameras that are known to work with a Repetier server ?

If I understand correctly, I need a camera that can directly stream a mjpeg feed.

Do you have any idea ? I can put up to 50€-£ per camera.


  • Any IP webcam with password authentication in url and sending MJPG should work. There are also IP webcams needing digest authentication. These do currently not work and will only work in next release which can handle digest authentication.

    I have only one IP webcam for 35Euro and that works great. Wansview NCL616W. But I have seen many similar webcams which I guess work similar.
  • This
    can help you finding the correct URL for the IP cams.
    Or it help's you to choose one.
    I will try this one https://goo.gl/OYG2CU

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