Blank page on 0.80.3

edited December 2016 in Bug Reports
Installed over 0.80.2 (work fine)

Type: armel
Hardware: Odroid C1
OS: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

Screenshot of Chrome console with JS errors.

Thank you!


  • I'm quite sure armhf would match better, but both should work.

    The error does not appear for me so it is either using a cached file in browser from previous version or a file is maybe corrupted. Try first clearing browser cache and see if error still is there. Then reinstall (maybe hf version even) and try again.

  • I figured out what went wrong, if my browser sends locale (ru) then nothing works. I install browser plugin (Quick Languache Switcher) and changed the locale to EN, then everything is working as it should.
  • Thanks for the hint. Will test with unsuported language. Should automatically switch to english in that case. SOunds like that is then somehow not working correctly.
  • An easy way to reproduce the error, open http://SERVER_IP:3344/?lang=ru
  • Solution:
    Under the link the corrected files of Russian localization. Just replace the files "ru.po" and "" in the "languages" directory (by default "c:\Program Files\Repetier-Server\languages\"
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