Upload STL / Part Image / WebGL / online slicing

Apologies for the multi-request, but the request stems from wanting to have an image preview of the 'job' or part to print.  It would be great to have an image preview, but of course, what one currently uploads is gcode.  While it would be fine to do a preview of the code while printing, it would be also nice to have an image preview of the digital part from the stl file.  So this means uploading an stl, but why upload an stl if it will not be sliced online?  So, it is not such a simple request as it has many implications behind it.

In any case, I've also been playing with the api calls.  So far it is a really promising platform.  Thx!


  • The next release will be a big improvement in that area. Visual display of send gcode and preview of gcode is already working. Also gcod epreview can be hard and slow in web apps, especially for big models you should think twice opening it.

    STL preview and online slicing or on the todo.
  • Great!
    (As as side question, Repetier communication is now spread between many places:
    • reprap.org forum
    • github host, firmware, and server pages
    • new forums on repetier.com

    I am assuming you created these forums to gather these so I will begin to post all of my comments and queries here).

  • Main reason is that many users are no reprappers any more and the forum there is not as detailed for fast search as this new one. So we hope to reach more users with this and make it easier to find the solution on your own, once enough problems are described here.

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