Linux Custom Branded Install

I'm on a raspberry pi zero w,
I want to make use of the simple sudo dpkg -i repetier_armel.deb (or armhf now?)

I've done tests with custom branding on the windows version of server, but when I open the .deb file for linux and get a few .tar files, is it even possible for me to pre-configure my printer settings and icons and such back into a .deb ?

Right now, it seems like I need to do a vanilla install on each raspberry pi I need to use, then manually add my changes. I hope I'm missing something, because that's a huge waste of time :(


  • If you want to deliver a own branded version so customers will only update to your branded version you need to have a apckage that installs our deb package plus your addition. You can even change update url so it checks your server for updates. If you just talk about changing icon plus adding configs you can make a master sd image. Best is to use our basic image as this contains also script to delete the key.sql file so every install gets unique api keys etc. in any case if you make a image stop server and delete key.sql database to enforce this on first start. The. You just clone the sd card images and have a preset system like you want it. Last would be to combine both solutions,
  • So basically you're saying it would probably be best to just follow standard install procedures and then manually add my changes since they're so simple? The only real important thing I need to do during install is add the extcommands.xml file, I can skip the cosmetic stuff and printer config
  • Also, related (to me at least) so not sure if this needs its own topic:

    is there an equivalent to this for if my server was running on windows? 

    		<name>Reboot Server</name>
    		<execute>sudo /sbin/shutdown -r now</execute>
    		<confirm>Really reboot the server?</confirm>
  • shutdown /r /t 0

    /r is reboot /t 0 is immediate.

  • If it ionly extcommands just adding it afterwards would be simolest solution here, yes. For more changes i would make a simple script fetching requred data and installing it.

  • So, would I make extcommands.xml look like this for windows then? I feel like I'm missing something, seems too simple lol

    		<name>Reboot Server</name>
    		<execute>shutdown /r /t 0</execute>
    		<confirm>Really reboot the server?</confirm>
  • To specify, I want to run C:\Program Files (x86)\Repetier-Server\bin\RepetierServerStarter.exe two times as the function of that command. I don't want to power down the windows machine. 
  • No that command would renoot windows. If you know the command set it in execute instead, but it will not work 2 times as it stops on first call. So you need to test with a batch file calling it twice.
  • I can use a .vbs like so: 


    Set shell = WScript.CreateObject ("")
    shell.Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Repetier-Server\bin\RepetierServerStarter.bat"), 0 , True


    start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Repetier-Server\bin\RepetierServerStarter.exe"

    start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Repetier-Server\bin\RepetierServerStarter.exe"

    but how would I call the vbs in the xml? I'm very unfamiliar with xml

  • Im not familiar with starting vbs. All you need is replace execute with command line as you would call it in cmd.exe in windows.
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