Is there a way to bulk delete users?


I manage a makerspace and I give users access to the 3d printers through Repetier Server. I occasionally update our workflow or rules around 3D printing and want to make everyone take a training course before creating a Repetier Server account for them. Is there an easy way to delete all users from the server to start fresh? Right now it seems like I need 3 clicks per user or I need to write a script using the API.

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  • Sorry, but there is no select and delete. Not even sure if I would want that as it makes it too easy to delete also wrong users.
  • Understood; thanks for the quick reply.

    I would personally love to have this feature added, but I can make it work as it is.

    For a little bit more context, I had to clear out ~500 people yesterday, so it was pretty frustrating, but not the end of the world. I'll likely do this again ~once a year.

  • There is one solution that would partly work. It is a sqlite database, so copy user.sql to your pc with a sqlite editor. But you have several tables to delete as there are also tables with user settings and there is no automatic delete action connected. There you might select rows to delete and later delete user settings with id you deleted or maybe there is a sql command to delete all without matching user. Afterwards you copy user.sql file back and start server.
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