Fabrikator mini 3d printer

Just a heads up to the new people with 3d printing.

After setting up my small 3d printer, every thing works. (it was night, very tired)

After a while, i went to bed. (shutdown computer)

Next day 3d printer wont connect to the computer.

After a loot of anger, i found out it must be a bug.

Start the repetier program, go to printer setting, connection, port: (it was on automatic)

I had to choose manually, i tried port 4.

then it connected again. Finaly...

While printing my first 3d figures, i found out that it not that easy as it looks.

In short terms, the printer have some issue to start bulding, the pla plastic wont stic, and it take a secund before it comes out of the nozzle. That will resoult in print failere, and if you start printing and walk away, i guess the printer will be "printed" with plastic.

So, when you design something, design a plate under the design. Im not 100% sure it will work, because i'm printing my first print ever. (a serius one, not a dick, that was my really first one, totally failure) 


  • At start you are normally missing som pla that is normal. Therefore you normally print a skirt first to refill extruder so on the real print it starts directly. At least if your retraction settings are ok.
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