[Repetier Server - Windows - Version 1.3.0] Mystery Server Crash


I was running a few prints overnight last night and came in this morning to find that they had all stopped mid-print. It looks like the server randomly stopped working. Can I get some help deciphering what the log means? Here's a snippet of the log when the crash occurred:

2022-08-16 20:18:18: Print of flexi-rex-argolla_0.05mm_PLA_MK3S_3h52m on printer ME19 (BULBASAUR) finished. Send 317702 lines. Printing time: 3:48:50
2022-08-16 20:18:18: error:ReportGenerator::printFinished: boost::filesystem::remove: The directory is not empty: "C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\reports\"
2022-08-17 03:09:59: Stopping MQTT subsystem ...
2022-08-17 03:09:59: Stopping lua runner ...
2022-08-17 03:09:59: Stopping global cloud ...
2022-08-17 03:09:59: Stopping open threads ...
2022-08-17 03:09:59: Shutting down web server.
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Prevent sleep thread stopped.
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Closing server
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Stopping work dispatcher.
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Internal Work dispatcher thread stopped.
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Work dispatcher thread stopped.
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Waiting for all threads to finish ...
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Worker threads finsihed.
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Stopping printer threads.
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Port closed for ME01 (GOLDY)
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Connection closed: ME01 (GOLDY)
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Printer thread for ME01_GOLDY stopped
2022-08-17 03:10:00: Printjob manager thread for ME01_GOLDY stopped.

Does anyone know why this might have happened?

Thank you!


  • This is no crash. If you see all the "Stopping ..." messages the server is cleanly shutting down. Happens if you restart/shutdown computer (windows update was due recently, so maybe from windows update?) or if you actively stop the service.

    From the time I'd say it is the windows update that had run in the night. If you check windows update history I think you can see if that is true.
  • I think you're right; I checked the history and it said Windows Update ran on 8/17. I thought I disabled that...

    Anyway, thanks for the quick reply!
  • It is more or less impossible to disable windows update. You can extend time until it is forced so if you do it then manually once a month you might get no "bad" updates.
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