Repetier-Server acting strange

First things would not print after a hard shutdown(flipping off the power switch on the pi power supply), I was getting a message saying listJobs not found. When you click print it quickly flashed the loading screen and then it disappeared, no error messages in the GUI I only saw the listJobs thing in the logs. A re-install fixed it, I was in a rush to get it working. After re-installing it printing is working, however in the control screen while printing it no longer follows along and draws lines as the printer is printing, the rendering no longer works just shows a gray box for the picture, you can't see any layers in the preview, and the estimated print time is off(though it always has been). I am not too concerned with the estimated print time as I have yet to tweak the settings to try to bring that into an acceptable range, but the preview options were nice to have and it was pretty cool to watch the lines it was drawing while printing in the control screen. Any advice on where to look?


  • Hope you use 0.60.4

    Layer preview is clipped at xy min/max. So check your printer configuration if the values are correct. Especially on deltas it seems often the min is set to 0,0 and not to -radius.

    You might also want to check browser console (development tools) for error messages.
  • I will re-check in the morning, but AFAIK the sizes were correct at 200x200. I have a regular Cartesian style setup rigged from a 3020 CNC machine, though I am only using 200x200 for printing. As for version, it should be the latest stable download, I downloaded about a week ago from the main site downloads area.

    Things were working fine until I had the listjobs error, then I had to re-install just to get it to print. What do you think caused the listJobs not found error anyway?
  • 0.60.3 had a problem with Marlin initializing a value causing invalid responses so even printers disappeared. Maybe that is related. But you can only say if you see the socket communication and error details to see what goes wrong. So if you have a repeatable error, just tell how to get it and I can fix it.
  • I checked and apparently I set them to 20 instead of 200 lol, so that is fixed. The listJobs problem I suspect happened when I just turned off the power to the pi without shutting down, though I cannot reproduce. Will let you know if it happens again, thx
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