Repetier-Server to Discord

As I have otherwise been unable to find a way to do this, can you please develop and integrated a method of pushing events (&images) to Discord? I've been searching and trying for days - and mixing all kinds of existing Apps/Services together to accomplish this but have had no luck. 


  • You need a service that does that, then you can use our push integration and write the url to add messages to discord. If you know a service and just don't know how to make the url show me the required url and I'd try to adjust it.
  • how to I add an image to the push? I currently have push notifications to callmebot but do not get images.{{message}}
  • You can not add images. The only push solution with image is pushover and here we have only able to do it with internal api integration.
  • I have tried for days to somehow get my 3 printers to communicate start/stop/updates to Discord trying all sorts of push apps and connectors both paid and free  :(

    As much as I like many of the features of Repetier-Host (and paid for it) I'm going to have to retire it - at least for now.

    Octoprint provides this easily with a simple add-in that took me lass than 2 minutes to configure and seem results on my Discord server.
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