Reset to defaults

I've tried searching but the search isn't great (open to suggestions). The firmware is flashed and seems to be working correctly. I have having all sorts of issues with the software though. I.E. I send to home from the firmware options and it goes to the correct spot. I send to home from the Host and it is off on the Z. One of the issues is that the print head hits the bed and I can adjust it fine in the firmware, but not in the software.
I want to reset Repetier Host on my Mac to default settings so that I can start fresh. Every time I uninstall/reinstall, all the settings are still there. How can I wipe it all out to start fresh on the software side?


  • Settings are stored in homdir/Library/Preferences/repetier.Repetier-Host-Mac.plist but you can also just remove printer and add a new one. But that most likely will not change homing for buttons. We send G28 or G28 X0 Y0 Z0 which is the official homing command. If your firmware needs a different command because z homing is not supposed to work 100% and you need mesh leveling it might be firmware want's G28 W0 instead (e.g. Prusa printers).

    You might want to change to Repetier-Server for mac. Host is not developed any more and replaced by server which can be much better configured and also knows more tricks to adjust. For example you can put different commands to home buttons so it uses what firmware want's instead of default values.
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