Keyboard and Mouse on Raspberry pi Repetier-Server

I'm new to raspberry pi and Repetier. Is there a way to use keyboard and mouse on raspberry pi? I have my keyboard and mouse connected to my pi while the server is running and it seems like neither are working properly.


  • Normally you do not use keyboard and mouse with our interface as you have a touchscreen. At least it is optimized for this use case, which means we hide the mouse cursor. Which pi image are you using? If you use our latest image see the download page on how to start repetier-setup. In touchscreen section you can define if you want to show mouse never/always or hide after 5s. Latest server version also ha snow keyboard support when it asks for values, but only then.

    This of course assumes you are using our image with touch interface in full screen mode.

    If you use original pi image with desktop it should have mouse/keyboard out of the box.
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