Problems connecting 5 klipper printers

hello i own 5 printers of VORON with the same configuration, the first one installed the klipper firmware using the wizard and copied the config file and now it works, now i start adding the next 4 printers, using The same way to install and copy the configuration file, the MUC address of the configuration file of each printer is different, but except the first one, the other ones can't work, I use the first one's configuration file to change the other several machines The MCU addresses are all valid, and an error will occur when the configuration files of the other machines are loaded with any (including the first) MCU address. How can I solve it? thanks


  • Which klipper version are you using? Especially if you use latest it downloads latest version from github, and if printer firmware mismatches you might need to reupload firmware driver to printer. Had this already several times that something new required a new upload. 

    If you are already on 1.4.1 you can check the klipper log for reasons why it won't start. Often you need to restart klipper so changes take effect.

  • Thank you very much for your reply, the problem is as you said, it is now solved, thank you again
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