Schedule print to begin at a later time

Is there a way to schedule a print to begin at a later time, either at a specific time or # hours from now? 

Often times i know that there isn't enough filament to finish the print but like to use the entire spool.  I'd like to schedule a print to most likely run out when I am around to change the spool instead of it staying heated and beeping for hours until I am around.


  • There is no build in solution. Using the api you might have a small bash script that starts it using the linux "at" command to execute scripts at certain times. At least if you are using linux.

    The command you need to execute is "@startNextPrintInQueue". With 1.4.1 this is quite easy if you enable unix socket on that linux, see

    There is also an example to send a command to a printer. So make a script with the right slug and command and all you should need is telling linux to execute it at a certain time.

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