No report on completing the print

I am using the brand new android app to inform me about the status of the print.

I get reports on "test", "started", "stopped" and on "paused" but not on "print completed", the one I am waiting on. Also the log does not 'mention' the sending of a push message while such a report appears on the other occasions.

I am using Repertier-Host V1.0.5

Any idea what might have gone wrong?


  • Make sure in preferences->Push Messages the checkbox for "Print Finished" is active. With that it works for me.
  • Of course, the checkbox "Print Finished"was active. I tested it with all the other settings and all were working fine.
    So everithing is working except the only one that really makes sense....
  • Ok, I found out why it works for me. Currently there is a bug, that finished is only send when start is enabled, so it is testing for the wrong setting. Will be fixed with next release. Until then please enable "Print started" to get the message.
  • Ok, thanks for finding the 'problem' and workaround!

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