Moving files between servers.

I am running Repetier as a virtual Machine on VMWare eSXI. So far it is working great!

I am thinking though of spinning up a pi image and freeing up some VM resources for something else. Repetier is so resource thrifty that having it on a 32 Core Dual Xeon server is a little overkill, lol. I can use those meager resources elsewhere.

What is the easiest way to transfer the files to the pi server? Just a direct directory copy and drop? Or can I transfer the files between the servers? Maybe share out the directory and map it as an external directory on the pi server? Then moves files and groups?

I know that the groups are saved in a DB file, I made that booboo once already.

Thoughts, suggestions.


  • Easiest is using Repetier-Server Monintor to backup and restore on new server. That takes care of stopping server function sin between. 

    Alternatively stop RepetierServer service and copy /var/lib/Repetier-Server folder. If you have pro version deactivate license first as it is hardware bound and reactivate on new destination.
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