Repetier server won’t start printing after send gcode from Prima Slicer and touch problem in v31

Hello I tried to send gcode from Prusa slicer, but in version 1.4.0 v31 it won’t start printing automatically, but in version  1.3.0. V28 it works without a problem. And after installing newest version, then touch doesn’t work, but wen I install older version and then I make update, then it work. I have display waveshare 5” DSI display. Where can be problem? Thank you. Klimš.


  • PrusaSlicer just writes in queue. If there is already a g-code waiting, print will not start. Next prusa release will have autostart=1 to enforce this as far as I know.

    Regarding display note that v31 is based on bullseye debian/RasbianOS. Maybe your waveshare kernel files do not work with that newer kernel? V28 is buster based with older kernel. Or maybe a setting is different. I would check the waveshare website for hints on using it with bullseye.
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