Screen rotation with new 1.4 Pi-Image

Hi everyone,

just want to share a solved issue with you. I had the problem that the screen rotation did not work anylonge with the new pi image. Activating the legacy drivers was one option to solve that issue, but i asked the support and got a better option that works with the new graphic drivers.

The support says: "What works is rotating orientation for the x window system. Just run in terminal
DISPLAY=:0 sudo -AE arandr
and use the tool on screen to change settings, save and reboot. Even if startup starts inverted it will fix with the chromium interface."

This solved my issue.


  • Have had the same problem with 1.4.1 Bullseye image. My solution was installing the 1.3.0 Buster image (Mac), starting the pi and then execute online update on the pi after finishing installation process on the pi. 
    There seems to be something wrong with the installation image in 1.4.1. The changes in confit.txt rotate the boot screen but not the repetier server GUI.
    after having solved this I purchased the pro version and I am very happy with it. 
  • The issue lies in the linux video driver. The new video driver with opengl support does not handle the well known config.txt all correct. I saw it rotate at start and neglect it in graphic mode. The arandr solution instead tells x window to rotate so it always works. Selecting legacy camera activates the old video driver so config.txt settings work the same as with buster image that uses that driver by default.
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