[1.4.0] PrusaSlicer "Start priting after upload" does not start printing after upload

Repetier, is there any specifications changed about "/printer/job/"? 
Can you check the source at https://github.com/prusa3d/PrusaSlicer/blob/master/src/slic3r/Utils/Repetier.cpp start from line 95?
"Start priting after upload" is working on 1.3.0 but not 1.4.0


  • Great  you already found out. Should be in 1.3.0 the same as autostart flag is around a while.

    In case it is important - now you can disable queue in printer configuration so there can not be a file in queue except the one being printed. Some wanted to disable it also I find a queue in general quite useful for planning.
  • So autostart default flag before 1.4.0 is 1. 1.4.0 is 0...
  • Ok maybe. Always forget after a while if I improve. At least now if present you force it and if it is missing it is exactly as you said - autostart if queue is empty, otherwise start.
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