[1.4.0] Bug? Console output is restored

1. Switch to Console tab
2. Click delete -> console output is cleared
3. Switch to Commands or Control tab
4. [1.3.0] Switch back to Console tab -> console output is empty
4. [1.4.0] Switch back to Console tab -> console output is restored

Is this a bug?


  • Clicking delete just deletes local end. On backend the data is still complete so refetching e.g. because you changes settings would resend the data. So guess that is what is happening here - refetching as console is shown new so it reloads last 1000 lines matching filter. So not really a bug.
  • Yes i know. But the result after switching Console tab between 1.3.0 and 1.4.0 is different.
  • Just tested 1.3.0 and in my case it also restored console on switch back. So no difference for me:-) Might happen if according to filter console would be empty anyway.
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