No GCODE previews after updating to Ver. 1.4.0

Good Morning,

 After updating to version 1.4.0, the GCODE previews no longer render/display.

I have 4 instances of repetier server running on 4 separate computers, and only the two that have been updated are no longer showing the GCODE rendered previews.

Thanks in advance.



  • I just figured out what it was as soon as I posted..

    If you are rendering the preview GCODE images on another computer in your local network. Make sure that that computer has been upgraded to ver 1.4.0 as well.

    Once I updated the computer handling the rendering for the whole network, it worked perfectly.

  • Thanks for the hint. Format for g-code analysis has in deed changed so making it for remote not understandable if it is older.
  • I have the same issue but I only have a single pi, and everything is done on it. No 3d or 2d of items rendering for some reason
  • Please check in "Troubleshooting" page if there is a job blocking the process. At update server should have updated all info files to the new version and from there on the renderer must also be of new version or higher. But if you have no external server it is normally only a job that blocks and you can remove it in troubleshooting and the rest should start to render (you probably have then many waiting jobs).
  • Thansk for the response. No Tasks seems to be running. The renders of the files is there just the 2d and 3d preview just show the bed etc with no models. Only errors are old but I guess could still be the cause so I have pasted them below


    [16.07.2022 14:25:43] : Execute error response:server does not have extension for +dpms option server does not have extension for dpms option xset: unknown option 0 usage: xset [-display host:dpy] option ... To turn bell off: -b b off b 0 To set bell volume, pitch and duration: b [vol [pitch [dur]]] b on To disable bug compatibility mode: -bc To enable bug compatibility mode: bc To turn keyclick off: -c c off c 0 To set keyclick volume: c [0-100] c on To control Energy Star (DPMS) features: -dpms Energy Star features off +dpms Energy Star features on dpms [standby [suspend [off]]] force standby force suspend force off force on (also implicitly enables DPMS features) a timeout value of zero disables the mode To set the font path: fp= path[,path...] To restore the default font path: fp default To have the server reread font databases: fp rehash To remove elements from font path: -fp path[,path...] fp- path[,path...] To prepend or append elements to font path: +fp path[,path...] fp+ path[,path...] To set LED states off or on: -led [1-32] led off led [1-32] led on -led named 'name' led off led named 'name' led on To set mouse acceleration and threshold: m [acc_mult[/acc_div] [thr]] m default To set pixel colors: p pixel_value color_name To turn auto-repeat off or on: -r [keycode] r off r [keycode] r on r rate [delay [rate]] For screen-saver control: s [timeout [cycle]] s default s on s blank s noblank s off s expose s noexpose s activate s reset For status information: q To print version: -version
    [16.07.2022 14:25:43] : While executing:/usr/bin/sudo /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/bin/screensaver config 1 610
    [16.07.2022 18:49:49] : Execute error response:input.txt: Invalid data found when processing input
    [16.07.2022 18:49:49] : While executing:/usr/bin/ffmpeg -loglevel error -f concat -i input.txt -i /usr/local/Repetier-Server/www/img/watermark.png -c:v libx264 -filter_complex [0:v][1:v]overlay=10:10 -threads 1 -r 30 -pix_fmt yuv420p -profile:v baseline -level 3.0 -movflags +faststart -b:v 1000k -y video.mp4
  • Can you post a gcode with that problem on pastebin or what ever you like? If analysis is run and you see in summary it has x layers it should also show them in 2d or 3d view. Except there is something in gcode preventing it, but that I can only say when I get a gcode sample with the problem.
  • I will do tomorrow morning. Thanks
  • Link to folder with one gcode file. I will also add a screen shot!Au5HIXj0KmuxiIpsjPZAzQimuYAO_g?e=6Bffsq
  • Just noticed that it works on one of my printers and not the other (the one that is running). Both accessing the same files (shared). Should both be the same config as both Prusas. Confused
  • Thanks for the shared folder notice. That is actually the problem. It uses a new function to quickly download view data and it does not switch to the responsible model manager, so it returns nothing. Will be fixed in tomorrows nightly for linux and in next update. 

    You can just use it and preview in the original printer. Using it in the other one is no problem, just preview is broken until fix.
  • Will do. I will upgrade when a significant release comes out. Thanks for sorting as always
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