Issue with object placement

I have loaded an object (and 3 of it's copies so 4 in total) into repetier host. 
When loacting them in the object placement section everything seems centered, however, as soon as I hit start print the 4 objects appear outside of the range of my printing bed. I would post some screenshots here if that is possible.
Anyway, does anyone know why this is happening?
I also don't seem to be able to center the needle properly - only the z axis but not the x and y?
Thanks in advance


  • Depends on the host version, slicer and slicer version you are using. Some had problems and needed host to take care of positioning and for some you see in slicer tab a checkbox if slicer should autoposition or not. Sounds like you said slicer should do and slicer has defined wrong bed position so when it does autoposition it lands on wrong place. Or slicer thinks it will not fit and overrides position. So also check slicer bed position/size settings.
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