Several webcams on repetier server.

I have repetier server 1.3.0. on a Windows 10
I control 8 3D printers, each with a USB webcam.
I have installed Youcam, I can make 1 camera work, but I don't understand how to make the other 7 work.


  • Youcam can only handle a single webcam. You need a software that can handle more. From comments of other clients I heard that can do this, also it is paid software at least for multiple cams. But you can test I think before buying if it works.

    Of course any other solution offering mjpg web streams for webcams will work equally well.
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    Ok, thanks for your answer.
    I'm thinking of going for a raspeberry for the simplicity of managing the cams.
    But I also have a problem with it:
    I configure my cameras, it works on the 8. I restart the server, there is only one that works, the other 7 are "inaccessible".

  • Hello. Are you still on windows or is this problem occuring on a pi?
  • Hello
    It was on a Pi, but I found the solution, it was the webcams that were defective.
    Would you have a model to advise me? The Logitech C270 don't have a wide enough angle, I have to put the webcams at more than one meter to be able to film the whole set ( 300x300 )
    thank you
  • Not really. Don't own any wide angle webcams. So far I had no problems with any cams I have, just same do not support MJPG so cpu load gets high as pi then has to do the conversion. So I'd suggest just trying a wide angle cam with MJPG support that also claims to be linux compatible.
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